Contact Us

You can contact us via email at

I (Ryan) can also be found posting on various RPG related forums under the usernames Oryan77 & Cyriss. I enjoy lurking & posting on a daily basis and I check my private messages often. So I can be reached that way also.

I'm a collector, so check out my personal Wish List on our Forums page. If you have anything I'm looking for, don't hesitate to email me a trade offer.

I am also always on the lookout to buy D&D miniature collections if you have anything for sale. I am also willing to give store credit for miniature lots. Be aware though, any trade from my side that we agree upon will not ship until I have received your end. Sorry, but no exceptions. I run an honest business & I have had dishonest people not send me their end when I gave them my trust and shipped my end of the deal.

And please, feel free to email me even if you just want to discuss D&D or miniatures. I'm a gamer & love D&D & miniatures, and I like talking about the game just as much!